She can be both spiteful and violent, but also gentle and nurturing. She is her own woman.

Hellcat is an all-female identifying group. We build improvised stories out of the truths and insights of the human experience, from those moments of despair and rage to the moments of elation, joy, and everything in between. We’ll make you laugh and we’ll make you feel. We’ll weave together characters you identify with and root for, as well as kooky weirdos you hope you’ll never, ever have to meet in real life. One thing is for sure, don’t mess with the Hellcat.

Hellcat is a continuation of the project show The October Issue, which originally ran as part of the Womens Voices Theater Festival. An improvised magazine, The Washington Post called the cast “a remarkable group of funny women.”

Photo by Jeff Salmore

Upcoming Shows

FIST 2018February 22, 20189:30 PM
FIST 2018March 1, 20189:30 PM
FIST 2018March 8, 20189:30 PM
FIST 2018March 15, 20189:30 PM
FIST 2018March 22, 20187:30 PM