Centuries from now, the Intergalactic Council of Comedy will send eight improvisers back to the year 2014, as one last chance to save humanity. The project, known as Making A Different Entertaining TimeLINE, or MADELINE will use the concepts of fast thinking and slow improv to restore humor to Earth.

Madeline performs the monoscene format with emotionally-charged characters that discover all new worlds with every show.  Based on an audience suggestion, the team explores characters tied together by a single location, in situations straddling the line between the real and the unreal. These portrayals of worlds and characters ring true to experience and will move audience members to laughter, chills, and tears.

Hoping, beyond hope, that the each show will be the one that secures comedy’s future, forever.

Photo by Jeff Salmore

Upcoming Shows

WIT Road ShowOctober 27, 20189:30 PM
WIT Road ShowNovember 3, 20187:30 PM
WIT Road ShowNovember 10, 20189:30 PM
WIT Road ShowNovember 17, 20189:30 PM