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For our 25th anniversary season, WIT is celebrating with a year-long residency at Studio Theatre.

WIT delivers dynamic, innovative and unpredictable shows presented by the most experienced and talented improvisers in DC. Each show is completely unscripted and inspired by audience suggestions. Our performers have gone on to work for The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live.

Expect fun and energetic shows. Expect smart improvisers to take the stage. Expect the unexpected.

Our residency at Studio Theatre gives us the opportunity to share our programming in a world class facility. It’s the same fun and energetic shows we’ve done for years, just on a bigger stage.

Our 2022-23 season features performances by our family of company ensembles as well as special productions like the lighthearted Western Tumbleweed! and the MLM-skewering satire Not a Pyramid Scheme. Read more about our season here.


WIT has implemented comprehensive COVID safety protocols for all of our programming including shows and classes. Visit our COVID safety page before you attend a WIT event for everything you need to know.

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