Danielle Steger

Danielle likes her improv like she likes her music: fast and loud.

She has directed and performed at such events as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the New York Musical Improv Festival, and the Capital Fringe Festival, where she is a four-time award winner. With Erick Acuña Productions, she directs the one-person comedy “Acuña Acuna” and regularly performs in “Who Did It? An Improvised Murder Mystery.”

Danielle’s improv teams include Unknown Number, Heavy Rotation, and The Can’t Evens. She completed the curricula at Washington Improv Theater and Dojo Comedy and has also studied at World’s Greatest Improv School. Outside of improv, she is a writer, director, and performer of sketch comedy.

Favorite Politician
Danica Roem
Favorite Band

Danielle likes making her students’ scenes easier.

She teaches at Washington Improv Theater and Rails Comedy. Giving positive notes
and providing scenework tools are the focuses of her teaching style.

As a student, Danielle has trained at Washington Improv Theater, Dojo Comedy, and
the World’s Greatest Improv School. She is grateful to have done enough improv to
have a favorite improv subject: game.

Student Feedback

“We got a lot of time to practice and also discuss what we were learning, and Danielle broke down the concepts of a good scene really well.”

“Danielle did a fantastic job of providing uplifting feedback.”

“I enjoyed how structured the class was. The explanation for each exercise and explaining how to use it on other scenes afterwards was very helpful.”

Fun Fact
Once saved a bulldog from drowning. Has committed zero acts of heroism since.
Hidden Talent
Long-distance driving