Confidence, creativity, and supportive collaboration: they make improv succeed on stage and they let you succeed in the workplace. The ideas and techniques that fuel successful improv empower people to work together in exciting and productive ways.


We foster team building in a way that’s fun, engaging, and truly effective. Improv exercises encourage co-workers to think beyond competition and wholeheartedly trust their team. When people relax into challenges and open themselves to new ways of interacting, they can achieve remarkable results. Creating a positive and fun work environment and approaching work with a spirit of play can lead teams into new directions that a “business as usual” approach will always miss.


Improv-based workshops help participants better communicate authentically, off-the-cuff, and in potentially high-pressure situations. Improv exercises strengthen listening and empathy, they raise awareness of nonverbal dynamics, and they build public speaking confidence. Discover how improv can help transform us from being nervous and “put on the spot” to confidently shining on the stage.


When was the last time you let yourself have a great idea? The daily grind can condition us to distrust and dismiss our creative impulses, leaving us feeling blocked and blank. Our exercises in spontaneity share tactics that let you not only respect your impulses, but to make the most of them. Connect this brainstorming to collaboration, and your team has a whole new way to draw out and build on one another’s brilliance.

Why Improv? Why WIT?

Well, for one, it's not a PowerPoint and it's not another webinar. It's a workshop that is alive and crackling with the potential of everyone's energy and focus. We have a lot of reasons why you should choose WIT.

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Our WIT@Work trainers foster a fun, relaxed, and creative environment that maximizes personal engagement and emphasizes learning through doing.

WIT@Work clients include: Deloitte, Marriott, Time Warner, Cisco Systems, Ogilvy, McDermott Will & Emery, Burness Communications, Goodwill Industries International, AOL, Sidwell Friends School, American Chemical Society, George Washington University, George Mason University, Wounded Warrior Project, IREX, KPMG, The World Bank, and The American Red Cross.

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Great facilitators, no joke!

All our WIT@Work trainings are led by experienced facilitators who can engage your whole team and help connect improv principles and skills to your work. Our trainers are professional and smart, plus they love sharing the lessons of improv.

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Some feedback from past clients about our team:

“[Our facilitators were] energetic, professional, informative and fun.”

“The presenters were amazing. Talk about talented!”

“I loved the supportive learning environment…The instructors did an excellent job.”

“It truly was the perfect team building activity.”

WIT at Work Bubble

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Shows for Hire

If you’d like to bring improv into your workplace as entertainment for an event, we can do that, too.

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