Chizo Nwagwu

From a young age, Chizo always knew she loved performing. She overcame her stage fright in high school by joining a school musical ensemble and making wacky French music video parody’s for extra credit.

After moving back to DC during the pandemic, Chizo listened to just enough comedy podcasts during the pandemic to realize that it might be time to take an improv class. Since her first class in January 2022, Chizo never looked back and completed the WIT curriculum. She competed in FIST with Not Your Mother’s Daughters, an indie team of bold and wacky women. Chizo is happy to have found a community where she can channel her creative energy and slightly chaotic ideas.

Outside of improv, you can find Chizo taking un-hipster film photos, trying new cookbooks, writing for herself, or hunting for the best birthday cake ice cream in the city.

Current Ensembles
Childhood nickname
She’s-the-bomb (Chizobam)
Favorite word