Shawn Peabody

Shawn hasn't yet met a situation he could take 100% seriously.

Shawn started taking improv classes at WIT in 2017 after hearing about improv on a dating podcast. His first impression was that it might be a cult, but since he’d always liked cults, he kept going. Shawn met his future wife in 2018 at the first practice of what would become the indie team Imagine Wagons. His wife is the famous Lori Pitts (Hellcat; You’re Invited; Earth, Wind and Tired; Imagine Wagons). He is very lucky.

Shawn is originally from the suburbs of Baltimore, the city that reads. After college, he joined the Peace Corps, was sent to Madagascar, nearly died from a mosquito bite, and helped fishing communities better manage and protect their marine resources. He returned to the US a short nine years later.

When not improvising, Shawn grows the spiciest peppers he can get the seeds for. One day, he hopes to surpass Sean Evans in a fiery contest and claim the title for World’s Spiciest Shawn/Sean/Shaun.

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Favorite animal
Personal hero
Nick Offerman