Mandy Murphy

Mandy has a passion for the power of sports and in her spare time, she has dabbled in WIT circles seemingly forever. It took her a decade to get through the WIT curriculum but she made it, so you can too!

Mandy has been a DC resident since 2009, and started taking WIT classes back in 2011. Given her career path that has had her travel a lot she took improv classes on and off for many years. She even repeated a few levels after extended periods away to get her “yes, and” sea legs back under her. You can actually read more about her decade-long journey via this Q+A interview that WIT did with her in 2021:

She’s a big believer in taking improv for the fun of it. It’s one of the few things in life you can’t plan ahead for, you have to be in the moment.

After successfully completing all 5 levels of WIT’s curriculum she spent three semesters as a teaching assistant with some incredibly funny ladies – Caroline, Kyrstal and Eva. She has also been in various small improv troupes over the years, and has competed in both F.I.S.T. and Improvapalooza.

She loves mixing it up and performing with people when they need an extra player – “put me in coach!” She also loves cheering on those who are new to improv and who have never experienced the joy it brings.

Personal trivia: her great uncle was an original member of the NY Knicks and scored the winning points for them in the first-ever NBA game (although Mandy loves basketball, her on-court game has never been quite that good).

She loves DC but is originally from the Philly area and is a die-hard Philly sports fan, so apologies if you hear her say “GO BIRDS” at any point during class.

Random personal fun facts: love reading the Sunday newspapers, in print, cover-to-cover and getting lost in reading over too many cups of delicious coffee.

Favorite Color
sky blue at sunset and/or Eagles kelly green (Go Birds!)
Favorite word