Macey Schiff

A friend once described Macey as "existing in the chaos," and it resonated. Hard.

Macey’s love of improv started young and was, thankfully, embraced by her family, who hired a local improv troupe to perform at her Bat Mitzvah. As a freshman at the University of Delaware, Macey was moderately peer-pressured into auditioning for her college improv troupe by her now-friend Mike, and she’s so glad she obliged. Like many others before her, Macey had no idea how much her life in DC would change when she signed up for her first class at WIT and is so grateful for the community she found that still sometimes she can’t believe it’s real.

Macey has been performing for nearly 15 years and is currently a member of the WIT ensemble, Madeline, and proud coach of WIT’s ensemble, Hellcat. She is also honored to be 1/4 of the 2023 Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (FIST) champion team, Moonstruck 2, who made WIT history as the first all-female team to win the tournament. She has also performed with WIT Special Projects Beat the Bot, A Family Affair, and Improv Actually. In 2023, she co-directed the WIT Special Project, Tumbleweed!, a fully improvised Western that featured robust production elements including a live, improvised accompanying score.

In addition to improv, Macey enjoys confetti, being at the front for concerts, the video game Red Dead Redemption 2, talking about the video game Red Dead Redemption 2, Pitbull, and spending time with her dog, Dante, the World’s Best Dog™️ (who also happens to be a pitbull mix, though she promises there’s no correlation to her affinity for Mr. Worldwide).
Current Ensemble
Favorite past Halloween costumes
Gulliver of Gulliver's Travels, Wishbone (the dog), Dorothy (4 times over), A Dinosaur

Macey loves helping companies find their voice through branding and design, and is currently acting as a digital communications manager overseeing social media strategy and digital design for a political nonprofit.

She has extensive experience in communications, web content management, marketing, and video production. Prior to her current role, Macey worked for a variety of institutions, including a real estate start-up, a global management consulting firm, and PBS. Macey holds a BA in Mass and Interpersonal Communications with minors in Interactive Media and Theatre Studies from the University of Delaware. She resides in the District of Columbia with her adopted and not-at-all spoiled pup, Dante.

Nothing has single-handedly caused such a positive pivot and impact in Macey’s life as her discovery of WIT in 2013.

She currently performs with WIT ensemble Madeline, is the proud coach of WIT ensemble Hellcat, is a member of the 2023 FIST champion team, Moonstruck 2, and has performed with WIT Special Projects Beat the Bot, A Family Affair, and Improv Actually. In 2023, she co-directed the WIT Special Project, Tumbleweed!, a fully improvised Western. Macey is thrilled to join the board and help continue WIT’s mission of making improv accessible to the entire DC community.

A friend once described Macey as "existing in the chaos", and it resonated. Hard.

Above all else, she wants her classroom to be a place where students feel comfortable to experiment, ask questions, and grow. She encourages finding the “truth in comedy”, and play that includes elements grounded in reality and emotion, while also leaning into the chaos and following the fun that comes naturally comes from creating something out of nothing. She loves that improv can be a way to explore situations and ideas that we can’t always do “in real life”, and encourages her students to embrace all of the opportunities that the DC improv community presents.

Student feedback

“I loved Macey. By far my favorite instructor in the WIT program. She is very personable and provided a supportive environment. She was also receptive to the needs of the class. One of the reasons I enjoyed coming to class was because of her. Highly recommended! ”

“Macey was incredibly engaged and very present in classes. She encouraged us and made failing a totally viable option and then showed us how/why we failed and we learned from that. She also did a great job of matching pitch with our class, there were a wide range of personalities in class and I felt like she personally connected with all of us. ”

“She’s amazing- great feedback, super useful exercises and she explains things really well. She always has the best comments. And our class bonded so well, and she wanted to be a part of that.”

Current Ensemble