Joe Randazzo

For the last 30-plus years, I have been doing one long, uninterrupted improv- Henry Rollins

Joe Randazzo is a founding member of Jive Turkey, Double Date (FIST Champion), the Four Heads, and is a proud member of Sistine Robot. Joe is the Creator/Director of the dramatic improv shows “The Heist,” “The Cabin Affair,” and “Veritas.” Joe was also on WIT’s Tumbleweed, Madeline, Citizens’ Watch, and Die! Die! Die!.

Joe currently coaches the WIT Harold Team: Standby Children.

Joe has been doing improv comedy for a while and studied at Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, Annoyance Theater in Chicago, and the DC Improv. Joe has performed in the Dramatic Improv Festival, Capital Fringe Festival, the Del Close Marathon, the Providence Improv Fest, the Richmond Comedy Fest, and the District Improv Festival.

Photo by Darian Glover

Personal motto
All this happened, more or less.
Favorite historical figure
T. Roosevelt