Kevin Eggleston

Kevin grew up in the twilight zone of Binghamton, NY and has made DC home since 2013.

Always in search of a stage, Kevin grew up improvising lines for runaway Odyssey of the Mind skits and has been making it up as they went along ever since. Kevin spent several years improvising as drag characters for the DC High Heel Race and other events before beginning the WIT curriculum in 2019. Since then, they have been a member of several improv teams/ensembles – including ImprovGurl94, Hard Feelings, Dead Plant Society, Thems Me Vices, The Jort Jesters, Characters Everywhere, Apocalypse, WOW!, and with the company of artists for y(Our) Town. You can also catch them in the latest improvised episode of The Gang’s All Queer.

In their spare time, Kevin enjoys re-watching the oeuvre of Angela Lansbury, hosting holiday costume parties, and tweeting into the void.

Current Ensembles
Hidden Talent
Hidden for a reason
Television Antihero Alter Ego
Alicia Florrick