Liz Hoke

Liz called 911 when she was five because she wanted the actual police to add color to a chase scene that was unfolding between a Barbie doll and her velociraptor plushie. She has been making high-stakes choices ever since.

Liz is a scientist for pay, a hiker for health, and an improviser for everything else. A proud Midwesterner, she subsisted on make believe and cheese during her formative winters and eventually ventured out East in 2018 to the big apple, Washington, D.C. She started taking classes at DC Improv in 2019 and at Washington Improv Theater in 2021. She is currently a member of WIT ensemble Hellcat, WIT special project And, Scene!, and indie troupe Bathtub Gin (billed as Bathtub Mocktail during FIST 2022).

Liz was a member of an old-school barbershop harmony chorus, Opus 2000, for 6 years. She sang old war songs with dozens of grandmas who all told her that they love you and you should take your vitamins.

Liz placed second in the 2016 Casual Science Fair hosted by the Minneapolis Grown-Up Club for her rigorous research entitled “How Do Cookies Affect People?” The prize was two jars of baby dill pickles. Delicious, delicious pickles.

If you need to find Liz, she is likely: napping in her hammock, powerwalking through the grocery store, or tripping over a protruding brick on a busy sidewalk.

Photo by Mikail Faalasli

Current Ensemble
Personal hero
WMATA bus drivers who wait for you
Childhood nickkname
Ninja Bug