Kae Tvrdy

Unabandoned silliness is the answer to a lot of our issues, and Kae loves to lean into that.

Kae Tvrdy has trained through the WIT curriculum, TA’d with WIT and has performed with their improv team, Bathtub Mocktail. They are extremely excited to be teaching with WIT. They are also an experienced standup comic, drag performer, and actor.

Kae Tvrdy was born in Tucson, AZ and left the desert when they turned 18 to join the United States Coast Guard. After serving 10 years, they left the service recognizing their love of art and performance, and needing to pursue things that bring them more joy. They have been an active drag performer traveling all over the US, bringing strange and outlandish performances to all areas of the country. As a nonbinary artist, comic and organizer, they are an outspoken advocate for increasing psychological safety in all spaces that they operate in, recognizing that marginalization compounds with intersectional identies and equity is only achieved when the most vulnerable in our communites are prioritized.

Personal Hero
Jeff Goldblum
Favorite Snack