Kelsey Peters

WIT community (and hopefully one day Taylor Swift): meet Kelsey Peters.

Kelsey completed the WIT curriculum in 2016. Since then, she has completed programs at the Upright Citizens Brigade, Will Hines’ Worlds Greatest Improv School, and Dojo Comedy. She has studied clown, sketch, and stand up comedy.

She has performed at comedy festivals in Baltimore, Detroit, and Seattle with her 2019 FIST-winning team The Broken Bones. She once ate mayonnaise on stage and occasionally appears with her twin flames Puss and Kooch. In her comedy, she likes to play with the absurd, unexpected, and the truth beneath it all.

Kelsey is a big fan of whatever she’s obsessed with this week, until she forgets it ever existed. For those who partake, she’s a reputation sun, speak now moon, and lover rising.

Photo by Mikail Faalasli

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Kelsey believes everything you need to learn about improv can be learned from a preschooler: why would you watch that kid eat mud when you can eat it together?

As a teacher, Kelsey creates an environment where no one feels like the “weird kid,” because she believes that in reality, we’re all the “weird kid.” With support from teammates, she believes every unusual choice or mistake can be made into great, original comedy. By empowering students to let loose and to celebrate differences, she hopes to teach her students to become the ultimate fun exposers

She taught preschoolers for three years so she’s legit, but she’s also completed the curricula at Washington Improv Theater and Dojo Comedy, and has taken classes at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre.

She plays on independent teams Trustfall, Couch Money, Rancy Neagan, and One Wet Dog. She was the assistant director for Vagina! An Improvised Monoglogue show. When she’s not improvising, she’s walking her cat, practicing yoga, or buying everything at REI.

Student Feedback
“Kelsey made everyone feel instantly comfortable, any intimidation I had was totally gone by the 2nd class. Improv night became my favorite night of the week!”

“Kelsey’s style of teaching improv feels like a friend teaching you something new that they are excited about.”

“Kelsey did an amazing job working with first time improvisers to make us feel comfortable. Right from the beginning, the classroom was a safe space. She never asked us to do something she wouldn’t demonstrate herself, so we could take risks and really learn without fear. Her feedback was always helpful and she worked hard to make sure we had a great foundation to build on.”

Photo by Mikail Faalasli

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