Sarah Baldwin

Using college radio, concerts, and Rockband birthday parties as a gateway, Sarah took to improv like a candle to a flame.

Sarah’s first performance was in her middle school production of High School Musical as “anti-status quo chorus member.” After thousands of HSM rewatches she learned that the role does not exist in the film.

Sarah started taking improv classes to exact her revenge after years of recovering from this fatal blow. She’s had a deep FIST run, performs with indie rock group Heavy Rotation, and is super excited to play regularly at WIT. So far, so good!

Sarah is obnoxiously half Italian, she owns Heelys as an adult, and believes you can do the Macarena to anything. Sarah is an amateur forager and was born and raised in the DMV. Sarah’s greatest accolade is achieving 100% accuracy on expert guitar playing The Strokes’ “Reptilia.”

Current Ensembles
Favorite Snack
Herr's Honey Cheese Puffs
Hidden Talent
Flat head. I can balance anything on my head. I once spent 40 minutes with a pile of textbooks on my head, during which I used the bathroom, went up flights of stairs, and played Call of Duty.