Devin Hiett

Devin’s hometown newspaper once called her performance in a children’s sketch show “truly unlike anything they’d ever seen.” She’s pretty sure they meant it as an insult.

Devin’s love for improv started when she joined a kids’ sketch and improv troupe in Texas when she was just eight years old. She took a 10-year hiatus from improv to try similar hobbies she was worse at — like musical theater and horseback riding (okay, maybe not that similar) — before returning to her roots. As it turns out, watching Broad City and PEN15 on a loop doesn’t really count as “getting back into the comedy scene.” So she started taking classes at WIT, and the rest is history. Her FIST team, TILT!, made it into the semi-finals in 2022, and she performs in WIT’s Harold program and with a few indie teams around town.

In her spare time, you can usually find Devin: taking meandering walks around the city and befriending every dog she meets, perpetually searching for the best queso in the District of Columbia, or convincing her friends to co-host parties with niche and bizarre themes.

Current Ensembles
Personal hero
The octopus (from My Octopus Teacher)
Least favorite invention
Automatic toilets