Nox! is a close-knit group that thrives on disaster, getting weird, and playing with both real and imagined worlds.

If you were patient enough to pay attention in Latin class, then you know that “nox” means “night.” Nox! started with the idea of focusing solely on performing a style called the Bat, which is an audio-only format done in complete darkness.

After exploring the dark, Nox!’s thirst for innovation and the D.C. fire code brought them back into the light. Creating new and intriguing forms has become their specialty, and they aim to be the most dynamic and versatile long-form improv troupe in DC. Nox!’s play is fueled by the mantra “get weird,” resulting in comedy that is often dark, physical, and high energy, yet patient.

Special thanks to the hard work and efforts of the following people, who made Nox! what it is today: Sara Armour, Matt Berman, Sarah Donnelly, Stacy Hayashi, Yuliya Malamud, Sean O’Connor, Elizabeth O’Neill, and Cassidy Russell for all your amazing work. Additional thanks to Pete Bergen, Rachel Grossman, Justus Hammond, Justin Purvis, and Joe Uchno.

Photo by Jeff Salmore

Upcoming Shows

FIST 2019March 29, 20199:30 PM
FIST 2019April 7, 20197:30 PM
FIST 2019April 14, 20195:00 PM