King Bee

"You hear me buzzin' baby. Some stingin' goin' on. Well I'm a king bee." - Muddy Waters

King Bee creates dynamic and playful shows that give audiences a break from the everyday. In every show the troupe discovers and shares a fully realized world that is rich, compelling, and fun.

Once a Harold team at Washington Improv Theater, King Bee’s energy and memorable characters earned them a spot as a one of the theater’s company ensembles. The bees have performed the “pretty flower” format, the improvised soap opera The Stingers and the Stung, as well as the Alfred Hitchcock-inspired Side Window.

King Bee has performed at the Del Close Marathon, District Improv Festival, Boston Comedy Arts Festival, Philly Improv Festival, Steelstacks Improv Comedy Festival and the Chicago Improv Festival.

Photo by Jeff Salmore