Geoff Corey

Geoff Corey has lived mostly in the wintry lands of upstate New York, where he never did improv, except for when carrying on daily conversation. Then he moved to Washington, D.C. and discovered WIT.

Geoff works in political organizing around abortion access, LGBTQ rights, sexual health and sex ed. Jokes about such topics never make it into any of his shows. He has seen almost zero movies, unless they had Robin Williams, Jim Carey or Chris Farley in them.

Geoff won the Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament in 2022 with his beloved Ze Bestie Textie, who have since merged with his former rival The Broken Bones. He also performs with WIT’s longest-running (but very different) ensemble teams, iMusical and Nox! Previously, he took the full WIT curriculum, performed in WIT’s Harold Program for three years, and appeared in the dramatic improv productions The Heist and The Cabin Affair.

Photo by Jeff Salmore

Greatest Fear
That I will grow up to be that man who hands out raisins on Halloween.
Favorite historical figure
Larry Kramer

Geoff Corey is a political communications professional, currently managing digital campaigns and digital strategy for a group of young activists.

Geoff is proud to bring his experience as Digital Media Director for a senior member of the U.S. Senate and Director of Communications at an infrastructure policy organization to the WIT Board. He has also founded student groups, and led fundraising initiatives for the University at Albany and the LGBTQ Victory Institute.

Geoff performs with WIT ensemble Nox!  He’s also appeared in the dramatic improv productions The Heist and The Cabin Affair.  Previously, he performed in WIT’s Harold Program for three years, and took the full WIT curriculum.

Favorite color
Blue and yellow next to each other. Blue on the left.
Favorite historical figure
Larry Kramer