We open in the village of Queensberg: an unassuming hamlet, so quiet you could hear a pen drop… usually.

Soon, we will begin to hear the hustle and bustle as the village wakes up, but it is only early morning now. In the distance, just past the tree in the hole in the bog, a creature emerges, ambling toward the town square… A scarecrow with a pet crow on its shoulder? A zombie pharmacist looking for a human snack? A Willy Wonka knock-off tempting customers into his chocolate river?

The village of Queensberg has faced many threats, yet its citizens bravely press onward, expertly eliminating each one in due course so that they can resume their lives of tranquility. What might come for them next?

You never know what you might find in Queensberg. You should come see their next show, just in case. They may just need more witnesses this time.

Upcoming Shows

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