Mason Heilman

Since starting at WIT in early 2022, Mason has bragged that the first improv class he signed up for in Boston was due to begin the exact day Covid shut the world down. But he recently found it was actually a sketch writing class.

When not lying about improv, Mason loves doing it. He completed the WIT curriculum straight through and made Harold, swearing all along he was going to take a break but then worrying what life would now be without improv.

He came to improv to reconnect with the creative outlets of his youth, from playing Perchik (that crazy student) in the 2004 production of Fiddler on the Roof at Lawrence Free State High School to making state choir two years in a row (not to brag) to playing third trumpet as loudly as he could in the University of Kansas marching band.

As you may have guessed, Mason is from Kansas, and yes, before you mention it, he knows you’ve never been there. In fifth grade, he was selected over his best friend Patrick Green to be Recycling Manager, setting off what was to be a long career in sustainability (and a lifelong rivalry). On an unrelated note, when his nieces FaceTime him, they ask to see his orchids and washing machine.

There’s one other Mason Heilman in the U.S. This one would like to say “hey” when the other inevitably googles himself and lands here.

In his free time when not doing improv, Mason can be found playing gay kickball, running on the National Mall, or squeezing onto his balcony surrounded by all of the vegetables he planted way too close together.

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