Daniel Calingaert

Daniel got into improv as his antidote to over-thinking and, many years later, is still stuck in his head.

Daniel had no idea what long-form improv was when he first signed up for WIT classes, but he loved them from the get-go. Powered by enthusiasm, not talent, he completed the WIT curriculum, did a stint on indie team Extra Margarine, which only found gigs after midnight, long past his bedtime, played on Laugh Index Theater’s Thermal Runaway, and then came back home to WIT.

During workdays, Daniel impersonates a voice of reason (quite convincingly) and occasionally persuades colleagues that he knows what he’s talking about. He aspires to great professional achievement, where billionaires will befriend him and take him on lavish overseas vacations on private jets.

Current Ensembles
Personal hero
Malcolm Gladwell (yeah, I'm a nerd)
Personal confession
I have a shovel and mallet in my trunk, but not for the reasons you think