Oh That Baby

Oh That Baby is your sweetest, cutest, most precocious, bundle of Harold Team joy. 

Oh That Baby members have described themselves as:

  • “A WIT Harold Team”
  • “Grounded but not too grounded”
  • “Aggressively musical!”
  • “Fourth-wall-breakers”
  • “HIGH ENERGY!!!1!!”
  • “Magical realism meets pop cultural party train”
  • “Very mature”
  • “Lovers of peas in pods”
  • “Toilet trained”

Audiences of Oh That Baby shows exclaim:

  • “Upsettingly silly.”
  • “They sure like picking on that one member of the team.”
  • “Like a barbershop quartet but not musically talented.”
  • “I laughed between 2 – 48 times.”
  • “They really were touching each other quite a bit….a very physical team of players.”