Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson has been performing with various improv groups since 1998.

Dave Johnson is an actor, improviser, and acting and improv teacher/coach with a B.A. in drama and an M.F.A. in acting. He has taught improv and theater since 2004 for numerous clients, such as Washington Improv Theater (where he is the most senior teacher, ’04 – present), Washington College, Ohio University, Mount St. Mary’s University, NextStop Theatre Co., Comedy Sportz, Chinese Menu Comedy, Richmond Improv Festival, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Coalition Theater, Unified Scene Theater, and Fairfax County Public Schools. An acting and improv coach since 2005, his clients have included actors, improvisers, and the improv groups onesixtyone (Washington Improv Theater’s original troupe), Press Play, Hot and Sweaty, The Lodge, Aboulia, The Carmichaels, Prettier Than You, Commonwealth, Tiovivo, Oh That Baby, and Boom Crunch (among others). He has been a member of many improv groups, including onesixtyone, Dr. Fantastic, Werewolf Mcbutterbone (Winner of WIT’s Tournament of the FIST), Dial M for Nasty, Doozie!, The Haddington Club, NimprovYC, Bitchwood, Anant Nag, Werewolf, Reindeer Games, and Topher and Dave (among others). He has extensive acting experience in scripted productions at theaters such as The Kennedy Center, New Dramatists (NY, NY), Theater Alliance (D.C.), Catalyst Theater Company (D.C.), Center Stage (Baltimore, MD), and Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park (among many more) and continues to act in films, on stage, and in web/TV shows and commercials.

Student Feedback

“Dave has all the qualities that I look for in an excellent teacher. He is patient, kind, sets expectations, pushes students to challenge themselves, loves his work and craft, is well prepared, takes the class seriously (despite the comedic nature), and is very supportive to first-time participants and non-actors (like me!). I learned a ton about teaching from Dave.”

“Dave is awesome, both as a teacher and as an improviser. He really pays attention to the group and makes sure everyone is involved and taking the most out of it.”

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Jimi Hendrix