Anyone and everyone stands something to gain by taking a class with Washington Improv Theater. Go ahead, take the plunge.

None! Just be ready to have a good time

You have the basics of musical improv. Now learn to incorporate it into your scenework with one of the nation's most influential musical improv director/accompanists.

Intro to Musical Improv class or with permission from Education Director.
Audition required: September 23rd, 1pm to 4pm OR Sept 28th, 7pm to 9pm at CentroNia. Sign up for auditions by clicking here.
You should be comfortable singing in public. Please reach out to the Education Director at with any questions.

Learn how to create amazing improv scenes out of thin air! All it takes is a some creativity and a lot of teamwork.

Level 1: Foundations of Improv or permission from the Education Director.

Develop fully realized characters of all shapes and sizes. Discover how attitude, physicality and objectives can provide a filter for your characters to interact with the world.

Level 2: Foundations of Scenework or permission from the Education Director.

Create rich scenes featuring dynamic characters. Experience firsthand how rooting scenes in agreement permits discovery and complexity beyond merely setting up a premise or a conflict.

Level 3: Character or permission from the Education Director.

Encounter the mother of all longform improvisation styles: The Harold. Through this form's classic structure, you'll apply your scenework knowledge with increasing artistry and complexity.

Level 4 Ensemble or permission from the Education Director.