Level up your workplace communication skills

From WIT@Work Director John Windmueller

When improvisers take the stage, they engage and delight their audience. I love finding ways to connect those same improv principles and skills to helping individuals and teams enjoy the same success off-stage, engaging and delighting their clients. WIT@Work uses improv exercises (games!) to help you and your team learn new techniques and habits to more effectively communicate, collaborate, and create. Our online workshops are engaging, effective, and fun (because fun works).

I wanted to make it easier to dip your toes in and explore how improv can be applied to your work, so we’ve started offering an Improv for Business Sampler, a short (45-minute) and inexpensive ($15) introduction to applied improv. You’ll learn, laugh, and leave the workshop with useful new improv tips and techniques for your work. The next Sampler is December 16th, and yes, you should definitely forward this to a friend or co-worker so they can register for the workshop and join you.

December 9, 2020