Improv for Business Sampler

Speak with confidence. Unlock your creative ideas. Learn the skills improvisers use to make magic on stage and apply it to your work.

Think outside the box for professional developmentā€”Improv for Business is an opportunity for skills-building that is engaging, dynamic, and fun.

Our 45-minute workshops explain specific improv principles that can be easily translated into the workplace. Through interactive exercises and games, you’ll come away with the with an understanding of how to effectively collaborate and use the power of “yes and” to make breakthroughs in your work.

Let improv help you have more fun building the skills to make you better at your business.

About John and WIT@Work

John Windmueller has over a decade of experience designing, delivering, and overseeing professional training and graduate education focused on communication and collaboration. He manages our organizational training program.

WIT’s organizational training arm WIT@Work has engaged hundreds of organizations with training sessions to spark creativity, foster teamwork, and strengthen communication skills. Teams that connect and relate to each other with empathy work better, and feel better to work in. That’s why so many clients come back, including Goodwill International, Leadership Greater Washington, and Deloitte to name a few.

Visit our WIT@Work page or email to learn more and set up a meeting with John.

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Improv for Business

November 16, 1pm - 1:45pm



John Windmueller