Improv for DevOps and Agile Development

Here’s a wonderful article by Chuck Mountz (Sr Manager, Product Engineering, Comcast), sharing his journey using improv while leading DevOps and agile software development. Chuck took WIT’s Improv for Business intensive and brought us in to work with his team at Comcast (thanks, Chuck!), and his story highlights the connection between improv and resilience, innovation, and building a team culture of constructive collaboration.

If you’re interested in building these competencies with your team, we offer online applied improv workshops that are engaging and effective (and genuinely fun!). And if you want to dip your toes in to see what it’s all about, WIT is now offering an Improv for Business Sampler workshop as a quick and inexpensive (45 minute, $15) way to get a taste of how improv can help you and your team learn and grow.

October 19, 2020