WIT Celebrates Art All Night 2023

Come join WIT as we take part in Art All Night 2023!


Saturday September 30, 2023
7:00 PM
Art All Night: "All Entry Pass" is $15

Organized by Mayor Muriel Bowser, the event celebrates the performing and visual arts across the District. We’ve got a fast-paced line up in-store at Studio Theatre, featuring your favorite WIT Company Ensembles, indie troupes, bilingual English-Spanish improv, and a very special performance designed especially for Art All Night 2023: “DC’s Improvised Late Show.” WIT’s “Art All Night – All Entry Pass” enables you to pop in and out of our shows as much as you like (or stay from start to finish!) Invite a friend and get ready to laugh!

Guest acts


Do you have a favorite song? What makes it so great? During “That’s My Jam!,” the newest show from WIT’s longest-running ensemble, iMusical, the answers to those questions inspire an instant musical, with all scenes and songs improvised in front of a live audience.

People of the District

A hilarious cast of WIT improvisers will be joined by a special guest from the DMV to tell true stories. Then, the improvisers will spin those stories into a night of never before – never again seen improv comedy.


“Murphy’s Law meets Nox!’s Law”: You know what they say—what CAN get weird DOES get weird. That’s Nox’s Law. Come see what happens when WIT ensemble Nox! flips Murphy’s Law on its head. Tell us about your day and we’ll show you the weirdest version of what happens next!

Latinx States of America

Latinx States of America consists of both US-born and immigrant Latinx improvisers. We bring our diverse cultural backgrounds to the stage in a wild, wacky show that is sure to tickle everyone’s fancy!


“Madeline: Seasons of Growth”: Grab a PSL, peep some leaves, and pack your back to school supplies! As summer turns to fall, Madeline is exploring seasons of growth through the experiences of DC community members. Each week, a local guest will give a live monologue at the top of the show about what change and growth has looked like for them. Madeline will use this monologue as inspiration for an improvised performance about personal growth.

The Hypothesis

The Hypothesis combines science and improv to both inform and delight audiences. Come prepared with your burning science questions you always wanted answered and see it examined under a microscope. Or simply get ready to have your mind blown, and funny bone tickled, as the Hypothesis dishes about all things science!

The Broken Bones

The Broken Bones presents “We Turn Injury Into Comedy.” We’ve all been hurt, perhaps by a hidden patch of ice, a sick collision while scoring the winning goal, or a very public breakup at your birthday party. The Broken Bones will interview an audience member about an injury—be it physical, emotional, or other—and we will all heal together through comedy. The cast has some of DC’s funniest improvisers who have been featured by The Washington Post, NPR, and Comedy Central, as well as comedy festivals around the US and Europe.

Lava Kids

Lava Kids builds different worlds based around where audience members met the most important people in their lives using a montage format.

I Wrote That

Before your favorite improvisers were improvisers they were writers. See why they left the written word behind.


Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

DC’s Improvised Late Night Show

DC’s Improvised Late Night Show is just like any late night show you see on TV but… improvised. Besides the hosts, every part of this talk show will require an audience member’s help. Give us your suggestions for the guests you want to see get interviewed, the games you want them to play, and even which songs our musical guest will perform.


Frequently Asked Questions

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COVID safety

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Accessibility information

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