Robin Doody

Robin is an investigate journalist whose work has helped shine light on insider training, tech industry nepotism, and the lighter side of Mitch McConnell.

Just kidding. On weeknights, when he is not icing his bunions, there is nothing that brings him more joy than being in a learning environment. Robin completed the WIT curriculum, and in the process, developed a love for improv, its processes, and something rare past the age of 25 … friends. He wants to foster a creative, safe, respectable environment in which we will all grow as performers and as a group, forget about work. And to laugh!

A member of previous WIT Ensemble Commonwealth, special Project Yearbook, and Harold Team AstroMom, Robin stays active coaching indie projects, as well as pursuing acting, writing and stand-up. Catch his Netflix special, premiering just next never.

Student Feedback

“Sharp, creative, solid coaching and strategic”

“Robin rocks! He knows when to side coach and gives insightful feedback and advice”

“Robin is a joy to watch teach.  He really knows his stuff and makes you feel at ease during the class.”

Favorite Snack
Cheese 'n' crackers
Personal Motto
Palpable Vibes.