Patricia Adams Smith

Until a few years ago, Patricia couldn't imagine herself on a stage. Now, she thinks it's a place of joy!

Patricia sees volunteering with WIT as a way to be more involved in improv theatre. While video’ing the shows to archive the fun, she sees more shows. Working the booth is a whole other realm – technical training to be a part of the show, to enhance it with audio and lighting – and with the training comes a feeling of responsibility to respond to calls for a booth operator so the show can go on!

Patricia thought she was a born teacher and earned a Master’s to work with developmentally disabled children. After a few years her perspective shifted and she thought she was a born editor, and took courses to follow that career path. Then she thought computer software was really cool and segued to a career of software quality and database consulting. Now she’s a food purchasing coordinator. Through all that, the closest she got to performing was taking a class called “Teaching as a Performing Art” as an undergraduate. Now, after completing WIT’s curriculum, her eyes have been opened and she can truly say that Life is a performing art and improv is the way we live. She looks forward to performing with indie teams as life permits. Her other hobby is performing with a female a cappella barbershop chorus.