Nicole Barrett

Nicole grew up in rural Pennsylvania and her childhood was spent either roaming the woods or begging her mom to take her to the "local" library, which was in another state. Then, through a series of very on purpose decisions, she ended up in here, in DC. She's still trying to figure out if here should be somewhere else.

Nicole completed the WIT Curriculum in 2013 and has taken classes and workshops at Dojo Comedy. She’s a former member of the best indie team ever, Breakfast (until all her teammates left for LA/NYC, sad face.). She’s a current member and enthusiastic devotee of Dojo Comedy House team Maple Sunday.
By day, she’s a standard DC policy wonk. By night, her friends are looking at her saying, “you do too much, aren’t you tired?” Her hobbies outside of comedy include sailing and kayaking, hiking mountains, going to Burning Man, DJ’ing high school reunions, collecting passport stamps, aspiring to be 1/14th as good at tennis as Serena Williams, training to become a volunteer EMT, and racking up big wins on the Penn State alumni softball team.
Current Ensembles
Favorite historical figure
Denver the Guilty Dog
Favorite dance move
Taylor Swift bopping to Kendrick at the 2014 Grammy's