Max Makovetsky

Max was once told by his high school musical theater teacher that he'd be doing everyone a favor if he just mouthed the words instead of singing louder to find his pitch.

After getting *this* close to stardom when he was cast as an extra in a Cohen brothers movie as an 8th grader, Max spent some time acting in plays and musicals in high school. Regrettably, he hung up his cleats and retired from the stage forever after trying and failing to start his own improv group sophomore year of college… knowing absolutely nothing about it. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Max graduated and moved to DC where he completed the WIT curriculum, started the goofy indie team Trust Issues with his classmates, and competed as part of the FIST team “Half-and-Half.”

When he’s not watching improv, reading about improv, or talking about improv, Max plays tennis in AdMo, works in Democratic politics, throws dinner parties with his three housemates, and likes the idea of hiking. Max is in an on-again, off-again relationship with both his Instant Pot and his standing desk.

Childhood Nickname
Mako [MAH-CO] (but tried to get everyone to call me "The Vets" didn't work)
Favorite Snacks
Peanut butter and rice cakes