Sarah Wilson

Sarah enjoys self-reflection until it’s time to write a biography of herself. Then she promptly forgets everything she has ever done, said, accomplished or thought.

She can remember, though that she has completed the WIT curriculum and that she plays with the indie team 37 Puppies.

Despite her tendency to go blank when faced with the challenge of writing a biography, Sarah is assured by those who know her best that she spent the first 10 years of her life in Anchorage, Alaska before moving to the Philadelphia suburbs. In her 20s, she became a drifter, moving from Philadelphia to Portland, OR, to rural Northern California, to Richmond, VA, to New York City, to Berkeley, CA, to D.C. Sarah is a recovering journalist who watches too much television, but compensates for it with moody Victorian novels, an understanding of the Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition, and careful maintenance of verbose and elegiac social media accounts.

She likes writing, reading, visual art, cinema, music, conducting elaborate daydreams on Metro, and buying things she doesn’t need at the store while forgetting the one thing she went there for in the first place.

Best dance move
The frug
Personal motto
Laughing is better than crying because it doesn't intefere with one's mascara.