Alex Waddell

Alex believes that improv is the ultimate stress relief- if it's going well, the only thing you're thinking about is having fun and creating a big little world with your silliest friends. What could be better?

A native of Danville, VA, Alex entered the world of improv in 2018 after an evening of watching one too many TED Talks. Since that fateful night, he has completed WIT’s core curriculum and competed in FIST as a member of “Half and Half”. He’s been mimicking voices and throwing his limbs around as long as he can remember. He’s very glad he’s found a community of people who enjoy goofing off as much as he does.

By day, Alex is a public health researcher trying to ask the right questions about the opioid epidemic. Sometimes, that can get a little dark. To brighten up his day, at night Alex writes sketch and (bad) movie reviews, (poorly) plays guitar, and plays (marginally above -average) basketball at any court that will have him. Even courts of the Supreme variety.
Favorite Animal
Hidden talent
Hypothetical Dog Names
Remus and Lupin