Matt Berman

Matt Berman has been frozen in iMusical's carbonite since 2008.

Matt Berman has been making up songs since childhood, but he has gotten to do it publicly since 2008, when his inability to remember preexisting lyrics finally paid off with an invitation to join iMusical. When not making up musicals, Matt boldly improv-goes where no one has improv-gone before as a cast member of Starship Odyssey. Matt also regularly performs with balding improv supergroup The Four Heads.

Matt studied improv in Los Angeles with The Groundlings and in Washington, DC with Washington Improv Theater. Matt was a founding member of Washington University’s sketch troupe Kaktabülz, and is a former member of DC’s The Score and Nox!, as well as the long-defunct, badly-named, and probably rightly unmourned Psychochuckles.

Photo by Jeff Salmore.


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