Leah Donnella

Leah is from Philadelphia, PA, (home to the 2017 Superbowl champs and the 2018 NBA champs.)

I started improv in 2013, right after college. Since then, I’ve performed on two Harold teams in Philly (1816 and Jackaloupe), and helped start American Express – Philadelphia’s favorite all POC improv team. I also perform in a duo called Sister Brother with my real-life brother.

By day, she works for NPR’s Code Switch team, where she tells stories about race, identity and culture. She also runs a racial advice column called “Ask Code Switch,” but will happily dole out unsolicited advice on other topics. By night, Leah is a big fan of gardening, grocery shopping, and gentle exercise. She was captain of her college cheerleading squad, and is always happy to be someone’s hype man.

Personal motto
This could be weirder
Childhood nickname