Julia Zhen

All her life, Julia has only known two things: be loud and talk fast. She's employed now so take that, suckers.

Julia started improvising in all her glory back in high school. At the University of Maryland she learned much more than just short-form with her college team, Erasable Inc., and she acted as creative director for her last two semesters. During her time with Erasable Inc., she had the opportunity to take workshops at Chicago’s iO and Annoyance. She just wrapped up a sketch writing stint with UMD’s Maryland Night Live and is ready to be back improvising and not memorizing lines!

She currently resides in Baltimore City and totally does not regret it at all despite driving to DC more than twice a week. She pays $550 a month for rent.

Favorite Snack
Amy's meatless pepperoni pizza rolls
Favorite Word