Jonathan Porat

Improv has changed Jonathan's life for the better and he wants his students to have the same experience.

Jonathan loves teaching because he can help students do something they have never done before. Improv gives people a unique opportunity to  collaborate, listen, and connect with other people. Jonathan works hard to make sure his classes encourage students to branch out and grow so that the class can be more than the sum of it’s parts.

Jonathan completed the WIT curriculum and has taken classes and workshops from instructors from the UCB, Magnet Theater, and Annoyance Theater. He has performed in Harold Teams and improv ensembles for Dojo Comedy and the Laugh Index Theater in addition to multiple indie teams in local shows and festivals.

Student feedback
“Jonathan blew my mind. He helped me look at improv in ways that I never thought of before”

“Jonathan made sure he would do whatever it took so that I could understand everything in class. He cares deeply about his students and works very hard for them”

Dwayne "THE ROCK" Johnson
Favorite non-alcoholic beverage
Arnold Palmer (at least 70% tea or what are we even doing here)