Ari Glatman Zaretsky

Ari hails from New York—yes, Brooklyn is really part of the city—and meandered up and down the east coast before arriving in D.C.

Ari’s stage career began  dressed in black and hidden behind the role of puppeteer, transforming a baby into a pig in the middle school rendition of Alice in Wonderland. This was nearly the start and end of her performance career, until she arrived in DC and treated herself to WIT’s level one class as a birthday gift in 2015. Since then, she has completed the WIT curriculum and performed in Improvapalooza and the Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament.

Besides improv, Ari enjoys curing diseases, talking about parasites, and asking the cheesemonger to sell her the stinkiest cheese in the store.

Hidden talent
Consuming my weight in sushi
Favorite color
Blue. But sometimes green. It used to be purple.