David Lapkoff

David Lapkoff was born in Silver Spring Md. when he was a tiny baby and has been working on growing up for quite some time.

David started the WIT curriculum in 2014 and regularly performs with indie team The Female Accent around DC, sometimes Baltimore, and almost one time in Philadelphia but he got the flu.

Professionally, David works in Bethesda, Md. and does something that involves sending emails and using Excel but for the most part is more difficult to explain than it is interesting. His hobbies include going to Super Smash Brothers tournaments and losing to people half his age, arguing over which season of The Simpsons was the last good one, and quietly standing in the corner at parties.

Current Ensembles
Favorite Snack
An entire box of EL Fudge cookies in one sitting
Favorite Historical Figure
Teddy Roosevelt