Dana Malone Heiser

Dana Malone dreams of circling up everyone in her life for a big ol' game of the improv warmup, Big Booty.

Dana believes that there is much personal growth to be gained in improv, and she loves seeing new students have “aha!” moments and embrace the craft. Her teaching emphasizes taking risks, gaining confidence and honoring the gifts of one’s fellow players. In addition to WIT, Dana’s theater and improv education has included training at The Center for Movement Theatre, The Second City and The Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Dana was an original cast member and director of WIT’s The October Issue. She has also performed with WIT Harold team Breaker Breaker, Improv Actually and iMusical. She is a member Press Play, one of DC’s longest running indie teams.

Student feedback

“Dana is friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, and able to adapt.”

“Dana was excellent! She is an experienced improver with lots of practical experience and tips to share.”

“Dana was really good at creating a supportive environment and explaining what the goal of an exercise was.  She also gave really good feedback about how we could change things here and there to help us get more out of an exercise.”

Photo by Darian Glover

Favorite word
Karaoke song
"Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen