Ashley Siebels

Ashley Siebels is a fierce improviser and has studied it all across this great nation, but she thinks utilizing our skills as improvisers to develop sketches is the jelly part of this comedy life donut.

She has studied improv and sketch comedy at UCB, Magnet Theater, End Games Improv, Coldtowne Theater, Comedy Sportz Twin Cities, and Brave New Workshop. She’s performed at Comedy Sportz Twin Cities, on Coldtowne’s House team Bear Derby, Endgame’s Harold Team Cat Dance, and their House Team SF Tonight.

Ashley Siebels has written for House sketch team Milwaukee at the Magnet Theater, Wink Planet at Coldtowne Theater, and Killing My Lobster in San Francisco. She has studied improv to sketch techniques at Second City, Coldtowne Theater, Annoyance Theater NYC, and with Phillip Markle at Brooklyn Comedy Collective.

She’s performed at NYC Sketch Fest, San Francisco Improv Festival, Femproviser Fest, San Jose Improv Festival, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, and Austin Sketch Fest.