Wherever life takes you, you always have a home with improv: Jonathan Murphy

I moved to D.C. from the west coast in 2008. Was initially unhappy. Had a hard time finding friends. Was thinking of moving to NYC. In a last ditch effort to commit to D.C., I signed up for an 8-week Level 1 improv class at WIT.

It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I made life-long friends in that class. It opened up this whole world of creative and curious people. Improv connected me to the city. WIT helped me find a sense of home.

Taking classes and performing also became my passion. I’ve pretty much spent the rest of my life dedicated to the craft and art of improv.

I ended up needing to move away from D.C. to Providence in 2012. I was really nervous. However, it turned into a fateful opportunity.

I was able to connect with a group of super talented improvisers. We created a non-profit improv theater and school. Three years later we had tripled the size of the improv community in Rhode Island. It’s still going strong today.

The work I did in Providence brought me back to D.C. to run the education program at WIT. I’ve been an integral part of growing the community and expanding our outreach for the past five years. I feel so lucky.

My career, my community, my creative life all stemmed from taking a chance on classes at WIT.

I owe it all to improv.

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February 9, 2021