“Truly hilariously enjoyable”: Family of four attends online Improv for All workshop

Leslie Silverman signed up for one of WIT’s online Improv for All workshop having no idea what to expect. She, her husband and their two children took the workshop led by WIT teacher and staff member Jordana Mishory on June 26 and the entire family had a blast. She took some time to talk to us about the experience.


You attended the Improv for All workshop with your whole family. What were you expecting the workshop to be like and how did that compare to the experience.

We didn’t know what to expect. I have always been intimidated by the idea of doing an improv class because I don’t consider myself witty or quick-thinking. I’m not the one in the group who always has a punchline. I’m just kind of the listener and question-asker in a group situation, and I don’t always “get” the jokes that other people tell. I’m also not up on pop culture, which I always assumed anybody good at improv would have to be… because whenever I’ve seen a comedy show, pop culture seems to be a common topic.


How did your kids like the workshop?

They totally got a kick out of it! They were just as engaged as my husband and I. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


What was your favorite part of the workshop?

I liked every single exercise. I like how each exercise “built” on the previous one, so it was kind of like taking baby steps to release our inhibitions. Within a few minutes of starting, I didn’t feel self-conscious or nervous about making a fool of myself. It was so great to be able to let down my guard as I saw others in the class do the same.


How did your Improv for All workshop compare to other virtual activities you’ve done?

I am so so so tired of virtual activities at this point in quarantine. But that’s only because they are not nearly as interactive or truly hilariously enjoyable as this workshop was.


You mentioned during the workshop that you had wanted to try improv before but were afraid to. How did it feel to take the plunge?

AWESOME!  I am seriously considering signing up for an improv class at your organization as a result of this workshop… and I have told friends about the workshop and they are interested as well!


Sign up for an eight-week Level One improv class today! Also upcoming: Improv Camp for Families (3rd and 4th grade), Improv Camp for Kids (ages 10-13), Improv Camp for Teens (ages 13-18)

You can also take a free Improv for All workshop.

June 30, 2020