The Types of People in Your Office Who Could Use WIT@Work

“The improv training we received last fall still stands out in my mind as the
greatest corporate training I’ve ever attended.”
— WIT@Work participant from the Human Resources Research Organization


Aw, shucks! We’re blushing. And with feedback like this, it’s no surprise that WIT@Work training has already wowed clients including KPMG, Capital One, AstraZeneca, Hilton, WMATA, the NSA, Deloitte, and CapitalOne. Still not sure if WIT@Work can work for you? See if you recognize anyone from the list below.

Role: Fussy Middle Manager
Quote: “We have always used the blue file folders for January. Didn’t you get the memo?”
How WIT@Work can help: Creating a positive and fun work environment and approaching work with a spirit of play can lead teams into new directions that a “business as usual” approach will always miss.

Role: Cautious Teammate
Quote: “No comment.”
How WIT@Work can help: Discover how improv can help transform us from being nervous and “put on the spot” to confidently shining on the stage.

Role: Do-it-ALL-Herself Boss
Quote: “Oh, nice, hey, just let me take a quick look at that and I’ll re-do the formulas and rewrite it myself, thanks.”
How WIT@Work can help: Spark creativity and innovation with your team and find a whole new way to draw out and build on one another’s brilliance.

Role: “My Way or the Highway” Supervisor
Quote: “If you don’t use MY caterer for the team lunch, we will all get salmonella, believe me.”
How WIT@Work can help: Improv exercises encourage co-workers to think beyond competition and wholeheartedly trust their team.




Improv offers some of the clearest and most concrete principles for how to be more effective in communicating, in collaborating with your team, and for harnessing creativity, and it does it in a way that’s fun. And the fun is also why it works. It’s easier to set up than adding a printer to the network, so give us a shout by clicking below or emailing

October 16, 2019