Here’s a wonderful article by Chuck Mountz (Sr Manager, Product Engineering, Comcast), sharing his journey using improv while leading DevOps and agile software development. Chuck took WIT’s Improv for Business intensive and brought us in to work with his team at Comcast (thanks, Chuck!), and his story highlights the connection… Read More

You have a virtual room full of participants, and you want a quick activity that helps warm up the group and sets a tone of collaboration and fun. Here are three of my favorites… True of Me. One person states something that is true of them (e.g. “I have ridden… Read More

Confidence, creativity, and supportive collaboration: these skills help improv performers engage and make magic as they work without a script. WIT@Work uses these same skills competencies to help teams and organizations succeed in the workplace. Learn more about our workshops and why a client recently told us: “Without exaggeration,… Read More