Deborah Cotter

Deb Cotter serves as a program specialist at the Administration for Community Living.

In this role, she manages formula and discretionary grants to states and nonprofit entities for the Independent Living Programs that enable people of any age with with any type of disability/ies to learn, play, and work in the communities of their choice. Deb keeps bean counters and grantees alike entertained by providing Federal guidance and technical assistance with a wry sense of humor.

Deborah joined WIT’s improv program in 2015 and will likely need to return to WIT’s Improv Level I class since it’s a fun,  effective and inexpensive form of rehab (physical, occupational and speech therapy combined with paying good attention to your partner/s) — all of which is wicked hard when you can’t see, hear, or feel everything around you.

A long-time disability advocate, Deb enjoys using humor to teach “normies” about negotiating life with disability. In this vein, she hopes that health professionals would prescribe improv classes to their patients so that folks could better adjust after life-changing medical issues.

Favorite catchphrase she'd like to spread
Embrace the weirdness (of life). “Yes And” your life!
Favorite Beverage
Allagash White, Portland, ME