The thrill of CONNECTION is surging throughout May, as Washington Improv Theater helps DC experience the spark of joy that comes from interactions that are unexpected and authentic.


Everyone knows this by now, but human beings weren’t built for a year of quarantine. As spring blooms, WIT wants to help you reconnect with old friends, introduce yourself to new friends, and deepen existing friendships.

During #WITconnection, WIT is using improv to help people find connection and we want you to get in on the action!

We’re also doing special pro bono workshops for great organizations that are seeking some creative connection.


How you can participate:

•  Take a free improv workshop: Scroll down to see all of our virtual workshops, including some co-presented by community partners!
•  Catch one of our special shows: Including a special edition of our dating show For Love or Funny (where you can sign up to be a contestant!)
•  Have fun with us: Meet new people in improv shows, a virtual game night, or a global improv jam.
•  Follow our social media: For challenges on how to bring connection into your world (FacebookInstagramTwitter).

Who are we?

If you're just learning about Washington Improv Theater for the first time ... then HELLO! You can get to know us at the button below. Go ahead, click it.


Sign up for one of our hour-long free workshops, some of which are co-presented by community partners!

There’s something magical about bringing people together for one of our free workshops. Within moments, people who have never met before are laughing and creating together.

These sessions are high-fun, low-stress classes led by one of our enthusiastic and friendly instructors who work to make sure everyone is able to participate in a playful and trusting atmosphere. No experience is required of you—we’ll make the workshop fun and easy!

While many of these workshops are presented in partnership with community organizations in DC, anyone is welcome to sign up!

In the era of social distancing, all of these workshops are done virtually on Eastern Time.

The schedule

•  May 3 at 7 PM – REGISTER (in partnership with DC Public Libraries)
•  May 6 at 7 PM – REGISTER
•  May 12 at 7 PM – REGISTER (in partnership with The DC Center for the LGBT Community)
•  May 16 at 7 PM – REGISTER (in partnership with DC Fray and All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church)
•  May 20 at 7 PM – REGISTER
•  May 25 at 7 PM – REGISTER (in partnership with DC Fray)
•  May 27 at 7 PM – REGISTER (in partnership with TheatreWashington)

We're proud to serve these great organizations that are seeking some creative connection.

DC Public Libraries

In addition to the DCPL-sponsored workshops open to all DC residents, WIT@Work is hosting a morale-building improv session for employees of DC Public Libraries. WIT@Work Director John Windmueller will lead library staff in a virtual improv workshop to provide relief to a stressful year.

Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP)

WIT will do a free improv workshop for members of ASAP’s community, veterans returning to civilian life.

College Prep Organization

This month, WIT will do a pro bono session for the staff of a local organization dedicated to helping low-income and first-generation college students prepare for success in higher education. Windmueller will lead a session designed to provide some catharsis after a whirlwind year.


WIT@Work Facilitators

From virtual game nights to live streamed performances, we've got a lot planned.


Saturday, May 8 8:00 PM ET

Riddle me this? What takes place on May 8 and involves solving fun puzzles and also… YOU?!

ANSWER: WIT’s Night of Puzzles and Riddles!

Everyone is invited to join a night of riddles and puzzles hosted by WIT on Saturday, May 8 at 8 PM ET. Groups of up to five people will be given a packet of puzzles and riddles, and 90 minutes in which to solve them. All solutions will be given at the end of the 90 minutes, and participants are free to cheer or boo! REGISTER NOW


A Global Improv Jam

Sunday, May 16 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM ET

Players from all across the world, with any level of experience, are invited to attend this improv jam hosted by WIT team members Mark Chalfant, Jordana Mishory, and John Windmueller. SIGN UP TO PARTICIPATE

World-Wide Improv Connection

Saturday, May 22 and Sunday, May 23 evenings (times TBD)

Two nights of fast-paced improv performances featuring world-spanning teams of improvisers, joining up to perform as a group together for the first and only time. TO PARTICIPATE, READ OUR FAQ AND SIGN UP


For Love or Funny: A Dating Show

Postponed until the summer!
Co-presented by The DC Center for the LGBT Community

For Love or Funny is out to help real singles find their mates by marrying improv and matchmaking into a hilarious new game show. (check out a recent episode here!)

Hosted by creators Ray Simeon and Kacie Peterson, FLOF focuses on two players trying to find love among a group of contestants. Through three rounds of improv games and eliminations, the players and remaining contestants will ultimately decide if it was all “For Love or Funny.”

Want to sign up to participate in a future episode? No improv experience needed! Just ready to have a great time. Fill out our form!

We provide creative connection year-round with our classes and performances.

Here’s how you can get involved in the WIT Community.

•  Sign up for our email list to stay in the know.
•  Register for one of our eight-week improv classes.
•  Bring improv to your workplace with at WIT@Work organizational training.