Tenure Track with Captain PhD

DC-based improv team Captain PhD reunites online to create an improvised comedy show based on an interview with a graduate student. This week's guest is Usman Liaquat.


Saturday October 17, 2020
9:00 PM
Free (donations appreciated)
This show will bring some joy to the world of academia as universities go online and freeze hiring, and grad students are isolated and anxious at their job prospects, while feeding our inner nerds and learning new things from first hand experts in the process of doing comedy! The show will start with a live interview of a student or recent grad, and will give the opportunity for the audience to submit questions. The team of comedians will then improvise a comedy show inspired from the interview, before bringing back the guest to wrap up the show and answer a final audience generated question.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Sarah Bucher, James Jelin, Tess Higgins, Béatrice Leydier, Cara Popecki, Alan Prunier, Morgan Smalley, Renan Snowden


This week’s guest, Usman Liaquat, is a fourth year PhD student in New York University’s Social Psychology program. He is involved in a number of projects that can be organized along three broad thematic categories: (1) How do workplace and leadership demographics (e.g. by gender/race) influence people’s decisions about who can “fit” into those environments and what interventions can we implement to overcome these perceptions, often borne out of stereotypes? (2) How do people “juggle” the multiplicity of social identities they hold, given the often-conflicting societal stereotypes pertaining to each of those identities (e.g. being male and being gay, being a female and being a scientist) (3) How do anger and fear elicited in minority group members in the wake of an act of aggression against their group broadly influence cognitive processing styles and estimates of risks of engaging in collective action? When Usman is not spending days agonizing over whether the items in his studies are psychometrically valid and adequately capture constructs of interest, he can be found hovering near the oven trying new recipes with fancy ingredients that make his wallet lighter but his physical self heavier. He also unwinds by watching campy B-grade horror movies and enjoyed Birdemic more than he should have.